Writers Who Publish

Wendy’s Subway is pleased to present a monthly talk and reading series in conjunction with the Reading Room at Bard Graduate Center Gallery.  The series features writers, poets, artists, archivists, and publishers in an interdisciplinary programming of performances, readings, talks and panel discussions on contemporary issues in art and book-making.

Bard Graduate Center
18 W. 86th Street
New York, NY 10024

Readings are free and take place at 18 West 86th Street, New York City, starting at 7pm, with refreshments available from 6.30pm.

Writers Who Publish: Thursday, March 29, 7pm

Wendy’s Subway invites three independent and small press New York-based publishers with writers at  their helms to think about the intersections of writing, poetics, and publishing. Anna Gurton-Wachter and MC Hyland from DoubleCross Press, Isabel Sobral Campos from Sputnik & Fizzle, and Lee Norton from Ugly Duckling Presse will reflect on the relationships between their own practices as writers and as publishers in short presentations that interlace their own creative work, selections from past publications, and a myriad of other references and resources guiding their publishing and writing. A selection of titles by each publisher will be on display and for sale for the evening.

DoubleCross Press is a publisher of small-run handmade poetry chapbooks and essays on small press culture. Founded in 2008 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama by MC Hyland, DoubleCross is now run by Hyland, Anna Gurton-Wachter, and Jeff Peterson in Brooklyn.

Sputnik & Fizzle publishes lectures and other interventions in the world of ideas and praxis. They aspire to cultivate a space where academics and multimedia artists cross paths, where texts disturb comfortable formal territories, where national and linguistic boundaries are transposed via translation, and where the discourses that shape social, political, ecological, scientific, and artistic life coincide. Sputnik & Fizzle was co-founded by Isabel Sobral Campos and Rita Sobral Campos.

Ugly Duckling Presse is a nonprofit publisher for poetry, translation, experimental nonfiction, performance texts, and books by artists. UDP was transformed from a 1990s zine into a Brooklyn-based small press by a volunteer editorial collective that has published more than 200 titles to date. UDP favors emerging, international, and “forgotten” writers, and its books, chapbooks, artist’s books, broadsides, and periodicals often contain handmade elements, calling attention to the labor and history of bookmaking. UDP is committed to keeping its publications in circulation with our online archive of out-of-print chapbooks and our digital proofs program. In all of its activities, UDP endeavors to create an experience of art free of expectation, coercion, and utility.